Welcome to FISHi8

Tēnā Koe e hoa

Greeting friend

Think of us as a commercial kitchen that brings together natural ingredients and culinary expertise to create flavours and textures in high-tech packaging that is both convenient and cost effective. Any modern day restaurant establishment or retailer seeking something uniquely New Zealand with a level of sophistication will benefit from our merchandise.

Our products are designed for Sous Vide or CVap oven applications. Alternatively dip in hot water or steam until the desired temperature is reached prior to serving. Certain products have been fully sterilized and can be served and eaten cold in an array of culinary styles.

All our products meet New Zealand and International standard food certification export regulations.


is a method of cooking where the ingredients are sealed in a water-protective pouch under vacuum and placed in a water bath that can set and hold a target temperature to within a degree or two.